Benezet Consulting was founded by Trent Pool in 2014 with the goal of helping candidates and causes bridge the gap from conception to election, helping design and fulfill candidate campaign management and petition strategies that maximize the chance of winning at the ballot.  

Born the grandson of Texas' last Congressman-at-Large, Joe Pool Sr., Trent was immersed in politics from an early age.  Trent attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas and after graduation, he traveled the United States working on various ballot access petition drives and served as the Grassroots Director for a PAC and Political Director for a local grassroots transparency and accountability organization helping them win multiple ballot drives.

 Trent formed Benezet Consulting in 2014 to help candidates accomplish their petitioning needs across Texas and was responsible for over a dozen candidates ballot access in the Lone Star State and testified as an expert witness in a highly contested lawsuit involving invalid signatures that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas.

In 2016 Benezet began working nationwide, coordinating multiple Presidential Ballot Access campaigns and collecting over 250,000 signatures in 20 states for major party, minor party and independent candidates. 

Today, Benezet has collected over 500,000 signatures across the country and has been involved in many federal lawsuits applying the Buckley decision and equal protection clause precedents to help change signature requirements, validity standards and circulator laws in Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington, New Jersey, Virginia, South Dakota, California, and Florida.

In 2018 Benezet gathered over 75,000 signatures across the Lone Star State for judicial candidates and a multitude of local issues and also managed a highly contested race in Austin to do America’s first comprehensive efficiency audit of a city in its history.